Levity Labs

in pursuit of LONGEVITY
& an eternal lightness of being

in pursuit of LONGEVITY & an eternal lightness of being

Gavriel Shaw

Biohacker Since Birth

Restore Vitality — Or Succumb To The Ravages Of Time

Welcome to my public pursuit of radical life extension, vitality and levity.

On this page you'll find my personal road-map for creating a Longevity Laboratory including the latest technologies, modern insights, daily routines, gadgets, attitudes and disciplines — away from the environmental pollutants and psychic smog of life in towns and cities.

I own a giant piece of jungle called Camazotz Cohaven, home to an idea of mixing high-tech with raw nature to maximize human vitality. 

I'm also exploring cutting edge science that best serve future-proofed human vitality including scalar energy, crystal data storage, etheric flow, genetic alterations, and more — prepare to be dazzled.

If our values align, get in touch via my Telegram group to collaborate.

Levity Labs HQ is at Camazotz Cohaven

110 acres of pristine raw nature in Valladolid, Yucatan, Mexico

Vitality Protocol — No Excuses

This decade brings rapid advances in science, technology and consciousness, with an opportunity to make death a choice for the majority of people alive today. At the same time, the foundation of health is plain and simple. 

I use a mobile app called Me+ to help stay mindful of items on my core vitality protocol.

Important: This is not about having a rigid to-do list. It's an opportunity list. I flexibly interpret the principles day-by-day as suits my location, energy, and mood. As examples: Sometimes 'train' is a workout on the mat, other days it's gardening. Somedays 'sun' means sunning my balls for 15 minutes, other days it's stretching upwards and basking in the suns glow for a few seconds.  

The Point: Mindfulness of Regular Healthy Choices to Support Vitality and Levity...


  • Wake around 6am. Get direct sunlight from early morning sun.
  • Exercise* including strength and cardio.
  • Treatments, such as: Lazers, Neuroacoustics, PEMF, etc (see modalities below). 
  • Clean breakfast that minimizes processed sugar, chemicals and dietary acids (phytic acid, oxylates, etc).
  • Supplements* 


  • Productive bliss for emotional and hormonal wellbeing.
  • Wholesome foods, minimizing processed sugars, chemicals and dietary acids.
  • Supplements*
  • Mid-day to afternoon exercise* is about keeping metabolism flowing and lymph drainage happening to reduce toxic buildups throughout the day. 
  • Treatments, such as: Cryo, HBOT, Sauna, Red Light, etc. (see modalities below).


  • Light or no food so stomach is empty during sleep.
  • Supplements*
  • Reduce Blue Light — I use apps on devices and blublocker glasses.
  • No Exercise except some very light stretching, to ensure not over-stimulating energy centers which may interfere with bed time. 
  • Asleep ~10PM for best circadian-aligned sleep restoration, in a cool and dark sleeping space.


I currently like Intramax, Neurohacker, Global Healing, BluePrint and Do Not Age. Precision Genetic Testing from 10X Health will help identify the exact nutritional profile for your body. I also include olive oil, various omega 3's and Baja Salt (or Celtic). ProLon's 5-day autophagy (cellular detox) fasting seems legit. Avoid micro-plastics with BPA-free everything. Take anti-parasite programs.


Focusing on V02 Max by getting the heart rate significantly elevated a couple times a week (such as Hill Sprints), plus general daily strength training, light cardio, stretching, and lymph drainage. PowerBreathe trains the lungs. Deep squats activates testosterone. 

Modalities Explored

What I gather from today's longevity experts, the heart of rejuvenation revolves around (a) the recharge of mitrochondria, (b) reduction of cellular inflammation, and (c) reduction of various metabolic toxins.

Once I have the longevity laboratory set up, I will start epigenetic testing (such as True Diagnostic) to measure my biological age and compete in the Rejuvenation Olympics.

Low-Level Light Therapy
(Photo Biomodulation)

The American Society For Laser Medicine And Therapy (ASLMS) explains:

"A light source is placed near or in contact with the skin, allowing the light energy (photons) to penetrate tissue where it interacts with chromophores located in cells resulting in photophysical and photochemical changes that lead to alterations at the molecular, cellular and tissue levels of the body" (source). 

Our cranial low-level laser light therapy stimulates and charges the mitochondria (energy storehouses) of your brain cells to support mental clarity, central nervous system balance, and metabolic function throughout the body. 

I currently have an older version of VieLight MIP)

Heart Rate Coherence Calibration

Using an earlobe sensor we monitor your Heart Rate Variability and through a specific mindfulness practice taught by the Heartmath Institute we can observe a shift in your autonomic nervous system into coherence. 

If you come to Camazotz Cohaven as a couple, we will do some additional couple coherence work too. The heart emits an electro magnetic field around the body and we can bring coherence into the connected field with your partner. It's fun. There will be sparks. 

Red Light Therapy

Infra-red light stimulates mitochondria to produce Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP); the primary energy currency of our body. 

In London I had a Platinum Red Light 450 Panel. It's time for an upgrade. 

Brown's Gas 

An electrolyzer splits H2O (water) to produce a mix of mon-atomic (O and H) and di-atomic (H2 and O2) molecules in the form of breathahble oxygen or airated drinkable water.

Tests show 30% more therapeutically effective than pure hydrogen, used to fully hydrate and eliminate inflammation throughout the body.

Hypberbaric Oxygen Chamber

HBOT involves a sealed chamber with 2 to 3 times higher air pressure than normal and the inhalation of pure oxygen, which aids maximum absorption into the plasma.

Benefits are many including accelerated injury healing, release of growth factors and stem cells, reduction of inflammation throughout the body, and so on. 

I did a program of 5 sessions per week for 3 months and noticed a definite improvement in the quality of my skin, indicating therapeutic effects throughout my body. 

Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency (Combining Sound Therapy)

Our all-body mat, one of the latest devices on the market, uses a software wavelength compared to traditional harsh (yet effective) PEMF systems, without tiring the cells or hitting a wall, allowing an extended treatment with more gentle energization to take place. 

We can also select the most appropriate sound frequencies for your needs to bathe your entire system in tailored frequencies. 

Our additional PEMF device isolates and targets areas of your body using 2 small coils for focused attention on cellular rejuvenation in problem areas (can address pain, weakness, imbalance, depletion, etc).

Click to see a scientific study based on one of the devices we use.

I currently have a small but uniquely powerful ICES M1

Rife Frequency's

Details coming soon. 

Cold Water Immersion

Cryotherapy — no pun intended on 'cry' ;)  

Depending on your choice, you can take a full plunge or simply dip your hands into the icey water to rub your body with the cold and feel the vasodilative expansion of your blood vessels for an invigorating and refreshing cold therapy experience. 

Neuroacoustic Frequency (Sound Therapy)

Using NuCalm neuroacousting software combined with the audio-enabled PEMF all-body mat described earlier, we access a higher function of binaural signal processing and isochronic sound waves with significantly enhanced impact. 

NuCalm itself is described here and there is also a NuCalm scientific study for further reference. 

I use NuCalm daily.

Open Fire & Stillness

The property is far away from the light pollution that floods the night sky in cities. On clear nights you will see the star constellations like never before.

From sun-down we light an open fire for warmth, meditation and with time for personal reflection away from the hustle bustle of normal life. 

Some may want to participate in chanting, drumming, ohm-ing, or just absorb the perfect night-time stillness of nature. 

Anything goes around the Camazotz Cohaven camp fire.

Proprioceptive Cultivation

The word meditation is ambiguous. Proprioception on the other hand is very specific. It is the sensation we have inside our body.

By tuning in to the felt senses of our body, and learning to cultivate and guide the flow of energies, we achieve all of the goals for 'meditation' in support of metabolic and neurologic balance leading to spiritual ascension (immortality). 

Lightness of Being
Me with family including nephew Leo at 5 months

Importantly, we must cultivate a 'lightness of being' to counteract the ravages of stress which degrades vitality. 

To that end, we can unify spiritual ascension, finding meaning in life, and indulging in emotional levity. 

This psychological lightness of being will ultimately drive mass human interest towards funding longevity for all.

Build A Levity Lab For Yourself or Visit One Near You?

Everything above is what I'm aiming to do for myself this year.

I encourage each person to start building their own Levity Lab at home. 

Only then can you achieve optimum results through daily treatment. 

Below is a concept for a future service that can be provided for customers who visit my version of Levity Labs.

The added benefit at Camzotz Cohaven of course is the natural setting to avoid all electro-magnetic and psychic smog from city life. 

There are also longevity clinics around the world and no doubt they will be in every city within a decade or two. 

The Earth Program — A 24-Hour Recharge

In one full rotation of Mother Earth, from mid-day on your arrival through to the following mid-day for your departure, Imagine a range of experiences for deep detox and rejuvenation. 

Day 1 


Begin with an optional visit to our Mayan neighbors and a light lunch, followed by a short walk around some of the grounds of the property to unwind and enjoy the setting. 

Based on the profile you submit and in consultation with you on the day, we will select the sequence of modalities for your Day 1 experience. 

On your first visit to Camazotz Cohaven we begin with low levels of intensity using our devices for calibration and diagnostics. 

  • Biophotomudulation (LLLT)
  • Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency's
  • Neuro-acousting soundwaves
  • Coherence calibration with heart rate variability
  • Ice-plunge (optional!)
Early Evening

Authentic Mayan dinner followed by a fireside experience in silence or with music. Conversation optional. 

Day 2 


We start the day with a healthy breakfast of fruits. We'll confirm any exact dietary needs in your registration. 

Based on your experience in Day 1 we'll be ready for a more intensive Day 2 of treatments, an extended session with the PEMF devices, and possibly another round of cranial BPM. 

By mid-day we'll be wrapping up, with a debrief, sharing, and you'll be on your way feeling renewed.